TIBCO Spotfire Online Training

TIBCO Spotfire Online Training  gives you complete training and understanding of the Spotfire business intelligence tool. You will learn about the interactive apps and analytics in order to create highly efficient dashboards. Get trained in working with data tables, data sources, creation tags, and lists. It offers hands-on experience in various computational tools, scripting, frameworks, administration, and automation.

About CourseCourse Content

About Spotfire Tutorial Course

What you will learn in this Training Course?

  • Learn all about Spotfire, the tools, features, and processes
  • Get trained in data visualization using inbuilt techniques and dashboards
  • Understand ways to modify Visualization using Spotfire server
  • Create various charts and filters data organization and analysis
  • Use Spotfire Server and apply controls on Visualization
  • Learn data warehousing and create tables from database and files
  • Organize and analyze data and learn how to create filters and charts
  • Get an idea about IronPython Scripting
  • Using IronPython learn to create frameworks, platforms and data forms

Who should take this Spotfire Training Course?

  • Business Intelligence professionals
  • ETL and SQL Developers and
  • Data analytics and database architects
  • Software and Mainframe professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Freshers interested in BI careers

What are the prerequisites for learning Spotfire?

There are no specific skills that you need in order to take up this course. Although having a basic knowledge of SQL can help.

Why should you take the  Tibco Spotfire Online Training Course?

  • Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Market to Reach $16.9 Billion in 2016 – Gartner
  • 16% is the annual growth rate of the BI industry as a whole – Pringle & Company
  • Spotfire developer in the United States can earn $143,000 – indeed.com

This Spotfire training includes learning about the Business Intelligence tool plus understanding the data warehousing concepts. Spotfire is used by businesses looking for agile solutions, especially in the e-commerce scenario. After completion of this Training Course, you will be able to perform event-driven real-time analysis on a wide variety of data types. You will also be trained in powerful predictive analytics help you to get many sought-after jobs in business intelligence and analytics sphere.

Spotfire Advantages to help you get ahead in career

Spotfire Course Content

TIBCO Spotfire Introduction

The basics of TIBCO Spotfire, data visualization, and analytics software, various Spotfire features, Data Filtering, Data drill-down, data loading, data table format, statistical representation of data, Web Player for analytics report, importing data from Excel, data types, data visualization techniques, Spotfire Dashboard, working with Bar Charts.

Spotfire Data Table & Data Sources

Working with Data Tables, data sourcing, fetching data from databases, properties of Data Table, relations in the data table and column matching, data table filters, settings and filter schemas, Calculated, Binned and Hierarchy Column creation.

Spotfire Data Visualization

Visualizing data to exploring, analyzing and discovering insights, understanding the concepts of Coloring, Trellis Visualization, bar chart, combination chart and line chart, working with Zoom Slider, and Cross-table Visualization, Column Selectors.

Advanced Visualization & Analysis

In-depth understanding of Spotfire visualization techniques, advanced color coding concepts, analyzing data, working with tags, lists, bars and data labels, understanding the various techniques of Pie Chart, TreeMap, and Scatter Plot.

Spotfire Server Features

Importance of Spotfire Server for Deployment, Library and Information services, working with Spotfire Expressions, Labels, Charts, Schemas, understanding of Heat Map, Dendrograms.

Deep Dive into Data Analysis and Organization

The scope of Spotfire Professional, data access, visualization and analysis, working with input filter, property control dialogue for changing settings in visualization, custom expressions, deploying Action control and Dynamic items, Spotfire Dashboard features, data filtering, filter schemas, analysis techniques like Box plot, Pareto chart and Combination chart.

Spotfire Administration

Spotfire installation, administration, and maintenance, deploying information designs and information links and joins, personalization, working with Web Player DXP, Spotfire authorization, authentication, and security.

Predictive Analytics- Map Visualization

Map Visualization, Forecasting, Text Area Features, Upload and Store data to Library, Drag, and Drop of Visualization, Application of Profiler.

Spotfire Visual Insights

Visual Appearance, Recommendations, Mark from Legend, Data Panel, Interacting Grouping of Categories, Data Connector, Data Profiler, Collaboration.

 Spotfire Project

Project – IronPython

Data – Sales

Topics – This project is involved with creating IronPython script for Spotfire platform. You will start with the basics of implementing the IronPython scripting like importing classes for the visualization. In this sales project, you will learn about the various operations and tools in IronPython scripting, creating data forms, collaboration platforms in Spotfire, the framework for workflow, automating services all using the IronPython scripting.

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