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About statistical Modelling Online Training:

A statistical model is a mathematical model that embodies a set of statistical assumptions concerning the generation of sample data (and similar data from a larger population). A statistical model represents, often in considerably idealized form, the data-generating process.

About Instructor

                               Statistical Modelling Online Training is provided by a real time consultant. The experience acquired by our trainer on Statistical, is promisingly helpful to the corporate trainee’s. Our instructors are experts in the implementation and support projects. ASTS always works on real time scenarios. It is extremely useful for the professionals to handle the projects easily in the IT industry.


No Prerequisites required

Terms And Conditions

  • We will Provide Supporting to resolve Student practical Issues.
  • We will provide server Access and 100% Lab Facility.
  • Resume Preparation.
  • Interview Questions & Answers.
  • We will conduct mock interviews. Student also gets 100% supporting before and after getting job.

Statistical Modelling Online Training Course Content:

Advanced Regression

  • Fitting Calibration Models
  • Generating All Possible Regressions
  • Comparing Regression Lines
  • Using the General Linear Models Procedure
  • Ridge Regression
  • Regression Models for Counts and Proportions

Multivariate Methods

  • Principal Components and Factor Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Bayesian Neural Network Models

Parametric Time Series Analysis

  • Selecting the Proper ARIMA Model
  • Forecasting and Control with ARIMA Models


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