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About QLIKVIEW Online Training

QlikView  Online Training is a business discovery platform that provides self-service BI for all business users in organizations. With QlikView, you can analyze data and use your data discoveries to support decision making. QlikView compresses data and holds it in memory, where it is available for immediate exploration by multiple users. For data sets too large to fit in memory, QlikView connects directly to the data source. QlikView delivers an associative experience across all the data used for analysis, regardless of where it is stored.

About Instructor

QlikView Online Training is provided by a real time consultant. The experience acquired by our trainer on QLIKVIEW is promisingly helpful to the corporate trainee’s. Our instructors are experts in the implementation and support projects.  ASTS always works on real-time scenarios. It is extremely useful for professionals to handle the projects easily in the IT industry.


  • Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible.
  • Any programming Language syntax includes: Functions, Loop, Date conversion, etc
  • Database Knowledge includes:
    • TSQL
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Warehousing
    • ETL etc
  •  Visualization Knowledge includes:
    • UI designing
    • Chart and other Objects usage and requirement etc
  • For Advance users
    • VB Script
    • Macro Knowledge
    • Extension Objects etc

Terms And Conditions

  • We will Provide Supporting to resolve Student practical Issues.
  • We will provide server Access and 100% Lab Facility.
  • Resume Preparation.
  • Interview Questions & Answers.
  • We will conduct mock interviews. Student also gets 100% supporting before and after getting job.

QlikView  Online Course Content

  • QlikView Introduction
  • QlikView Environment
  • QlikView Development Methodologies
  • Deployments
  • Introduction to Data and Scripting
  • Basic Script Syntax
  • Data Loading from Database
  • Script Structuring
  • Basic Data Model and Table Viewer
  • Basic Data Transformation
  • Text Data Adding
  • Data Generation in QlikView Script
  • Scripting Considerations
  • QlikView Data Files (QVD)
  • Bus Reporting in QlikView

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