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This certification course on Python is a complete course that will help you to clearly understand the programming language. In this training you will be exposed to both the basic and advanced concepts of Python like machine learning, Hadoop streaming, MapReduce in Python, and work with packages like Scikit and Scipy.

About CourseCourse Content

About Python Course

What you will learn in this Training Course?

  • Learn about the basics, significance and installation of Python
  • Learn about file and sequence operations
  • Learn about MapReduce concepts for Hadoop deployment
  • Study OOP, expressions, data types, looping, etc.
  • Understand SQLite in Python, functions, operations and class defining
  • Use Python for writing and deploying Pig UDF and Hive UDF
  • Get to know the Machine Learning Algorithms in Python
  • Work on a real life Hadoop project running on Python
  • Course Completion Certificate from Intellipaat
  • Be equipped for the Python Professional Certification

Who should take this Python Course?

  • BI Managers and Project Managers
  • Software Developers and ETL professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Big Data professionals
  • Those wanting to have a career in Python

What are the prerequisites for learning Python?

You don’t need any specific knowledge to learn Python. A basic knowledge of programming can help.

Why you should take this Python Training?

  • Python’s design & libraries provide 10 times productivity compared to C, C++, or Java
  • A Senior Python Developer in the United States can earn $102,000 –

Python is a highly popular object-oriented language that is fast to learn and easy to deploy. It can run on various systems like Windows, Linux and Mac thus make it highly coveted for the data analytics domain. Upon completion of training you can work in the Big Data Hadoop environment for very high salaries.

Need Inspiration to learn Python – Look no further!


Python Course Content

Python Introduction
Python Installation & Basics
The OOP Concepts
Comprehensive Python study
Deploying Python on Hadoop
Python Components and Functions
Python Machine Learning
File System/Sandbox Management
Scikit-learn in Python Machine learning
Python Project
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