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About JasperSoft Online Training:

Jaspersoft Online Training is a commercial open supply software vendor focused on enterprise intelligence, including data visualization, reporting, and analytics. Jaspersoft affords business and open source software, support, services, and licensing around the JasperReports, JasperReports Server, Jaspersoft Studio, iReport, and Jaspersoft ETLproducts.
The dashboard is a mixture of information and graphical signs that affords intelligent statistics in a concise way. The information analysis software program enables users to manipulate, visualize and model information and derive intelligence on contemporary and expected tendencies and thereby take choices in time.
The information integration software program extracts, loads and transforms records from various resources into a information warehouse for analytical and reporting purposes. All those are supported thru the Jaspersoft BI platform leveraging big data since it connects with Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and others and it’s miles one of the nice and most cost powerful BI tools.

About Instructor

                              Jaspersoft Online Training is provided by a real time consultant. The experience acquired by our trainer on Jaspersoft, is promisingly helpful to the corporate trainee’s. Our instructors are experts in the implementation and support projects. ASTS always works on real time scenarios. It is extremely useful for the professionals to handle the projects easily in the IT industry.


You don’t need to have any specific knowledge for taking up this course.

Terms And Conditions

  • We will Provide Supporting to resolve Student practical Issues.
  • We will provide server Access and 100% Lab Facility.
  • Resume Preparation.
  • Interview Questions & Answers.
  • We will conduct mock interviews. Student also gets 100% supporting before and after getting job.

Jaspersoft Online Training Course Content:

Introduction to Business Intelligence and how it matters
Data formats, data reporting and analytics
Different data sources and how they can be integrated
Applications in the businesses and effective management

Resource developments through smart apps

• Jaspersoft Studio
• Describe the report development workflow
• Navigate Jaspersoft Studio panels and views
• Configure data adapters to access data sources
• Create projects to manage the report development process
• Add palette elements to a report
• Utilize expressions and built-in functions to format reports with transformed data
• Define Variables to compute derived values
• Define groups to design data-driven report appearence
• Add tables and crosstabs
• Include subreports
• Apply styles and fonts
• Add HTML5 charts to a report
• Preview and export reports
• Internationalize reports
• Configure a connection to a JasperReports Server
• Deploy Reports to a JasperReports Server

JasperReports Server

• JasperReports Server Overview
• Create and use dashboards
• Create Ad Hoc Topics using Jaspersoft Studio
• Create and uase a simple Domain
• Create and use a complex Domain
• Observe SQL Queries
• Localize a Domain
• Secure a Domain
• Advanced Domain Strategies
• Create cascading input controls

Cluster management

• ETL Overview
• Navigate Jaspersoft ETL
• Design an ETL job
• Survey ETL components
• Understand basic concepts of Data Warehouse (DW)
• Define components of a DW
• Examine star and snowflake schemas

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