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This is a Course that includes the complete understanding of HTML and JQuery. You will be able to design and develop highly complex web applications. Some of the topics included are HTML5, client-side scripting using JQuery, JQuery library and DOM manipulation.

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About JQuery Training Course

This is a Course that includes the complete understanding of HTML and JQuery. You will be able to design and develop highly complex web applications. Some of the topics included are HTML5, client-side scripting using JQuery, JQuery library and DOM manipulation.

What you will learn in this Training Course?
  • Core concepts of HTML and JQuery
  • HTML compatibility, utility and interoperability
  • HTML5 Page encoding and Markup
  • JQuery event handling and JQuery core
  • JQuery AJAX and UI basics
  • Various UI components of JQuery
  • Understand JQuery operators, functions and OOP
  • Document and event handling in JQuery
Who should take this Training Course?
  • Software developers and IT professionals
  • UI designers, HTML and Java Developers
What are the prerequisites for taking this Training Course?

Anybody can take this Training Course regardless of their skill set. A basic knowledge of Java language can be helpful.

Why should you take this Training Course?

HTML5 is being deployed by corporations to build their websites since it has improved semantics, cleaner markup and improved coding features. JQuery is a powerful, yet light weight framework, it offers multiple plugins for specific purposes and it is easier to utilise since it uses the familiar CSS syntax. This Training Course provides you with all the skills needed in HTML and JQuery to pursue a career that provides high growth opportunities.

Find out the best features of HTML5 that make it so advanced!

HTML5 Course Content

Understanding HTML

Introduction to the Internet, and Web Technologies, learning about Server, Server types, HTTP Protocol, programming and methods, introduction to HTML programming, creation of HTML tags, marketing element with tags, adding attributes to an element, HTML5 Document Declaration and Document Structure, the strengths of HTML5 – extensive multimedia support, Canvas element, drag and drop features, geolocation, web storage, web workers and web sockets.

Deep dive into HTML

Detailed understanding of HTML5, the various elements like Header, Footer, Navigation, Section, Address, Article and Menu Elements, HTML specifications, creation of menu with order and unordered list, command table, distinguishing between Section & Article Element, web form creation and DIV element.

Jquery Course Content

Introduction to JQuery

Introducing JQuery, the objective of JQuery, fast and concise JavaScript Library, learning to use the JQuery Library, JQuery strengths of animation, event handling, HTML document traversing and Ajax interactions, accessing Google Hosted CDN, understanding DOM Loaded and DOM Not Loaded, the difference between window.onload and document.ready, understanding the wrapping element, selecting elements and performing action, finding zero elements, chaining multiple methods, JQuery Version, JQuery Prototype, no-conflict mode.

Working with Selectors & CSS

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets, and CSS Selectors, understanding the various functions like HTML, CSS, Val, AddClass, RemoveClass, toggleClass Function, hasClass Function, understanding attr Function, removeAttr Function, prop Function, removeProp Function, Attribute Equal Selector, Attribute Not Equal Selector, Attribute Start with Selector, Attribute Ends with Selector, understanding Class, Element, ID, Lang, Not, Root Selector, working with last-of-type selector, Only Child Selector, Parent, Empty, Form and Button Selector.

Working with JQuery Core

Introduction to JQuery Core, understanding how JQuery Core is defined in the JQuery Script, understanding the various functions like isEmptyObject, isPlainObject, isNumeric, isWindow Function, isArray Function, isEmptyObject, isPlainObject, the merge and map function, summary.

Event Handling

The objectives of JQuery Event Model, Binding Event Handlers, the bind and unbind event attachment, JQuery New Event API, current Target and related Target Property, JQuery Event Classification, form, mouse, keyboard events, trigger functions, custom events, the trigger Handler Function, summary.

Working with DOM Elements

Understanding the of Document Object Model, DOM Manipulation and function classification, the various Functions like wrap, wrapAll, wrapInner, unwrap, working with append, prepend, DOM Insertion, insertAfter, replaceAll Functions, summary.

Working with AJAX

Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript, comparing Synchronous and Asynchronous, the advantages and disadvantages of AJAX, the data types, Get vs Post,  jQuery $.ajax() : The heart, The jqXHR Object, Ajax core method : Settings, A Sample AJAX request, jQuery $.get() Method, jQuery $.post() Method, .load method, AJAX EVENTS, Helper Function.

HTML and Jquery Projects

Project Work:

Project – Login Page and Load the data

Problem Statement – It creates a login page which contains two fields that is username and password. If user enters the correct value then it will show a successful message and redirect to another page which includes three options: Load Data, Reload Data, Load Content.

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