Hbase Online Training

This training provides a detailed understanding of HBase and no-sql concepts as well you will learn advanced operations in HBase like integration and working with Hadoop eco-system.

About CourseCourse Content
What you will learn in this Training?
  • HBase core architecture and NoSQL database
  • Know how HBase works on top of HDFS
  • Deploy various HBase Data models
  • Use Hbase to perform various operations
  • Use Load Utility to load a file
  • Integrate Hive with HBase
  • HBase Cluster and its various components
  • The HBase API and HBase Shell
  • Get trained for the Cloudera Apache HBase Certification
Who should take this HBase training course?
  • Software developers and Mainframe professionals
  • Project manager, Big Data analysts and Testing professionals
  • Java Developers, Data management professionals and graduates who want to work on Big Data
What are the Prerequisites for learning HBase?

There is no pre-requisite for learning Hbase but knowledge of Java is good to have.

Why you should take Apache HBase training course?
The Apache HBase is an open source database management system that is used for working with large volumes of non-relational databases. It works with huge volume of data and is most compatible for working on top of the HDFS. This course will help you to take up jobs of Big Data Hadoop and No-sql skills in top MNCs.

Why HBase is NoSQL database system made for Hadoop?

Apache HBASE Course Content

HBase Overview

Getting started with HBase, Core concepts of HBase, Understanding HBase with an Example

Architecture of NoSQL

Why HBase?,  Where to use HBase?,  What is NoSQL?

HBase Data Modeling

HDFS vs.HBase, HBase Use Cases, Data Modeling HBase

HBase Cluster Components

HBase Architecture, Main components of HBase Cluster

HBase API and Advanced Operations

HBase Shell, HBase API, Primary Operations, Advanced Operations

Integration of Hive with HBase

Create a Table and Insert Data into it, Integration of Hive with HBase, Load Utility

File loading with both load Utility

Putting Folder to VM, File loading with both load Utility

Apache HBASE Project

Project 1 – Integrate Hive & Java with HBase

Topics : This is project that gives you hands-on experience to connect Hive and Java with HBase. Hive is used for querying using HiveQL that translates SQL-like queries into MapReduce jobs on Hadoop framework. In this project you will do HBase Installation, create Hive for HBase, import the data onto Hive from HBase, use HiveQL for Hive Table data querying and analyzing, and managing the HBase Table. You will also learn to Integrate Java with HBase to run HBase queries using Java applications that you

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