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             We specialize in delivering practical hands-on training for individuals. Our fully experienced trainers encourage trainees to bring along existing projects to work with if applicable, as this can often be the best way to learn and instill confidence in the skills learned once the course is over. All our trainers are IT professionals with many years of experience in specialized fields.

Obtaining the DRM Online Training involves thorough and intensive preparation with a focus on the practical implementation of Hyperion DRM Training. We provide all the essential training that you require for successfully preparing for the same.

If you have taken our DRM Training or have good experience with Data Relationship Management, then this course will help you achieve your goal because we provide quality training in the advanced concepts with live implementations and mock tests for certification.

The guide will help you immensely as it covers all the tips & tricks.

If you intend to appear and have no prior experience, you may as well attend our Comprehensive Course.

For any queries on this or further advice, please email us on contact@astsonlinetraining.com and we will be happy to assist you with any course advice. For More Information Visit 

Our Intensive course prepares the trainees to be confident and well equipped.

What is Oracle Hyperion DRM?

                        DRM Online Training is nothing but the centralized hub, in which these are maintained by reporting structures, not only analyzing but also will validate in an enterprise. It supports every organization to make changes in master data through entire systems.

       ASTS Training certification demonstrates you have the competency, dedication, and motivation that is valued in the highly competitive technology field. They are most important for beginners. Studying for the tests gives you something concrete to focus on, and being certified gives you one extra bullet point on a resume.

          With our 100% Assistance record, we have made our mark as the best Platform. We help our trainees in sharpening their skills with our full-fledged syllabus and FDMEE Online Training  content. With our immense knowledge and expertise, we provide customization courses according to their needs and skills.

    We train everyone to meet the expectations and standards of industries. With our mission, we excel in a long term perspective, which could help them reach and win the competitive edge. If you want to be one of those successful trainees, then join our courses by typing on google as ASTS Training & visit our website.

Our Features:

1) ASTS Online Training By experienced trainers

2) Training with Real-Time scenarios

3) 24/7 access will be provided

4) Providing certification, online doubts clarification

5) Exploring functional & technical issues

6) Tips & Techniques for preparing certification

7) Support candidate in resume & interview preparation.

ASTS Training emphasizes on HFM Online Training. Our trainees will listen online with a special team who has speak able skills & well – experience.

ASTS Training firmly believes that each trainee possess the good skill and strives to analyze the strengths of our students, inspire them to excel in that area to accomplish advanced IT Skills

DRM Online Course Content

Task Group Descriptions

  • Key User Experience Differences
  • Logon
  • Browse
  • Query
  • Compare
  • Script
  • Import
  • Blend
  • Export
  • Audit
  • Administer

Managing Versions

  • Data Relationship Management Version Life Cycle
  • Version Type and Status
  • Creating Versions
  • Copying Versions
  • Saving Versions
  • Creating As-Of Versions
  • Editing Version Properties
  • Assigning Validations to Versions
  • Unloading and Deleting Versions

Managing Hierarchies

  • Creating Hierarchies
  • Enabling and Disabling Node Types
  • Opening Hierarchies
  • Creating Hierarchy Groups
  • Assigning Hierarchies to Hierarchy Groups
  • Assigning Controlled Properties
  • Assigning Controlled Node Access Groups
  • Assigning Validations
  • Deleting Hierarchies
  • Editing Hierarchy Properties
  • Enabling and Disabling Node Types
  • Opening Hierarchies
  • Creating Hierarchy Groups
  • Assigning Hierarchies to Hierarchy Groups
  • Assigning Controlled Properties
  • Assigning Controlled Node Access Groups
  • Assigning Validations Deleting Hierarchies

Working with Nodes

  • About Nodes
  • Adding and Inserting Nodes
  • ID Function
  • Modeling a Node
  • Moving and Ordering Nodes
  • Relaxed Move Option
  • Sorting Nodes
  • Node Deletion Methods
  • Merging Nodes
  • Deleting Nodes
  • Removing Nodes
  • Annulling Nodes
  • Inactivating Nodes
  • Reactivating Nodes
  • Assigning Validations
  • Orphan Nodes
  • Viewing Orphan Nodes
  • Deleting Orphan Nodes
  • Navigating in Tree View
  • Finding Nodes
  • Node Security
  • Using Shared Nodes
  • Shared Node Properties
  • Enabling Shared Nodes
  • Adding and Inserting Shared Nodes
  • Removing and Deleting Shared Nodes
  • Renaming Shared Nodes
  • Converting a Shared Node to a Primary Node
  • Displaying Shared Nodes

Managing Properties

  • Property Categories
  • System Properties
  • Stats Properties
  • Property Value Scope and Origin
  • Property Status
  • Editing Property Values

Validating Data

  • Validating Versions
  • Validating Hierarchies
  • Validating Nodes
  • Navigating Validation Results
  • Navigating Version and Hierarchy Results in List View
  • Navigating Node Results in List View
  • Navigating Node Results in Tree View
  • Downloading Node Results
  • Clearing Validation Results

Using Queries

  • Query Types
  • Creating Queries
  • Navigating Query Results
  • Navigating in List View
  • Navigating in Tree View
  • Downloading Query Results
  • Managing Queries
  • Opening Queries
  • Copying Queries
  • Deleting Queries

Comparing Hierarchies

  • Compare Types
  • Visual Compare
  • Structure Compare
  • Property Compare
  • Rename Compare
  • Creating Compares
  • Navigating Compare Results
  • Navigating in List View
  • Navigating in Tree View
  • Downloading Compare Results
  • Managing Compares
  • Opening Compares
  • Copying Compares
  • Deleting Compares

Working with Action Scripts

  • Loading Action Scripts From Flat Files
  • Downloading Action Script Results
  • Required Action Script Parameters
  • Loading Action Scripts From a Transaction Log
  • Loading Action Scripts From a Node Model

Working with Imports

  • Import Sections
  • Creating Imports
  • Running, Copying, and Deleting Imports

Blending Versions

  • Creating Blenders
  • Running, Copying, and Deleting Blenders

Working with Exports

  • Creating Exports
  • Creating Hierarchy Exports
  • Creating Hierarchy XML Exports
  • Creating Generation Exports
  • Creating Compare Exports
  • Creating Difference Exports
  • Creating Version Exports
  • Creating Property List Exports
  • Creating Property Lookup Exports
  • Creating Transaction Log Exports
  • Creating Merge Log Exports
  • Creating Export Books
  • Running, Copying, and Deleting Exports and Export Books

Working with Change Requests
Auditing Transaction and Request History

  • Auditing Transaction History
  • Data Actions in Transaction History
  • Administrative Actions in Transaction History
  • Auditing Requests
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Using the Data Relationship Management Batch Client

  • Securing the Batch Client
  • Setting up Batch Client Credentials
  • Running the Batch Client
  • Dependencies
  • Saving Versions in the Batch Client
  • Command Line Syntax
  • Configuration File Syntax
  • Outputs and Result Codes
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